Noodle Intranet Software FAQ

Are you considering Noodle intranet software and have a few questions? Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Noodle. If you don’t see your question here, post it in the comments and you’ll get your answer.

Can I embed our company’s Facebook/Twitter updates?

Yes, you can embed any widget as long as you have the HTML embed code.

Can I turn off Instant Messaging and status updates?

Yes, if you’re an administrator of your Noodle intranet. To disable instant messaging, go to System Tools (accessible only to administrators). Click on the Availability tab. Beside “Messaging,” click on the Off button.

Other applications you can switch on or off are:

Can we change the question for status?


How do I get licenses for additional users?

Additional licenses for Noodle intranet are available in blocks of 10. To activate, simply call or email us.

My intranet manager is not an IT person: Will he/she be able to administer Noodle?

If you don’t have an IT person, the cloud-hosted Noodle is the best solution for you. In this arrangement, we take care of all software updates and maintenance, including backing up your data.

If you want to install your Noodle intranet locally, you will need one dedicated person to take care of installation and maintenance. We offer local installation via remote access, but it’s still a good idea to have an IT person on-site.

Can I link Noodle intranet with our company’s Active Directory?

Yes, just go to System Tools (administrators only) -> Settings -> Active Directory.

What happens after we deactivate a user?

When you deactivate a user, that person’s posts in your intranet will still be visible. However, the deactivated user will no longer be able to log into your intranet.

What can we customize?

On a cloud-hosted Noodle, you can customize the logos on the login page and intranet header, as well as the colors on your intranet.

On a locally installed Noodle, you have access to the CSS and can customize the formatting of your intranet.

Is Noodle available in the cloud? As a local installation?

Yes, you can have us host Noodle for you in the cloud, or install it in your own server. Click here for details.

Can we access Noodle on our mobile devices?

Yes, the mobile version of Noodle launches in any mobile device with an Internet browser. So far, My Profile, What’s New, Status, and Messages are available in the mobile version. Other parts of Noodle are added to the mobile version as we try to figure out which ones are needed by our users. If you have suggestions, do let us know!

You can also revert to the desktop version of Noodle on your mobile device any time. However, not all parts of the intranet will be visible or functional.

What are the system requirements for installing Noodle?

The minimum system requirements are:

# of usersCPU Clock Speed
(Intel Windows or Linux)
Hard Disk Space
< 1002 GHz2 GBBased on Content
< 5002 GHz4 GBBased on Content
< 10002×2 GHz6 GBBased on Content
< 10,0004×2 GHz8 GBBased on Content

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux

Supported Databases:

  • Oracle
  • PortgreSQL

Supported Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
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