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Working Remotely with Noodle

As people and businesses are dealing with the adjustments of school and office closings, many are finding working remotely as a solution for “social distancing”. Many businesses and institutions are asking their employees and students to stay home. This has left many workers without child care, or force them to miss work. An Intranet is … Read more

Give Your Intranet 2020 Vision

The start of each new year is always a good opportunity to freshen up your Intranet site. Even more so this year, with Noodle, as there’s been so many new improvements made in 2019. Let’s look at a few new features you may not be using yet. Portlet Styles The final update of 2019 also … Read more

Visual Update III – Style your Portlets

In the latest version of Noodle, you now have separate options to customize the look and style of your Porltet boxes. This gives you more flexibility with designing the overall look of your site. Your default Portlet may change, once this update is pushed to your site. To customize your Portlets, go to System Tools … Read more

Visual Update II: Top Navigation Design

This is Part 2 of our series on Noodle Intranet Theme Design. To view “Part 1” please click here. Recently, Noodle Intranet, was updated with more options for the Top Navigation view and a fresh new style. This makes the Top Navigation view more customizable than ever before. The Top Navigation menu has also been … Read more

Noodle Calendar RSVP

Noodle’s new RSVP option, in the Calendar Application, makes sending and tracking meeting invites simple. Never miss a meeting by being able to track and add the event to your own personal calendar. As the Event Organizer, this makes it easier to plan and schedule meetings and other events with your employees. How to Send … Read more

Noodle Intranet Posters

Adding high quality images to your Noodle Sections and Pages are now easier than ever! If you want to jazz up a Page, create a Department banner or provide inspirational quotes, Posters will allow you to do so easily. Noodle has partnered up with Unsplash to provide a full gallery of images that can be … Read more