The All-In-One Intranet Platform for Working Remotely

You’re company is quickly transitioning to a remote workforce and you are worried if it will all come together.  Without a robust team collaboration tool it’s difficult to manage projects, communicate with people and share knowledge.  By using your Noodle, everything will be organized in one place, your team members will communicating and your projects will be completed on time.

Noodle Intranet Client Logos

Integrated Applications

Noodle has over 14 built-in applications and integrates with many popular web based tools such as Google Docs.  An unlimited amount of applications can be created within the interface to provide every function your company requires.

Most Popular Applications:


Video Conferencing

A fully integrated communication system is in place to get all your team members on the same page.  Instant messages, Group Chat and Live Video Conference are all available and integrated in Noodle.

Intranet Web Conference Video Call

Forms and Workflows

The Forms & Workflow application creates custom electronic forms and collects, sorts, and will run detailed reports on the data collected.  It can be used to create vacation request forms, contact databases, surveys, or anything that requires data collections and retrieval.


Single Sign-On

Noodle supports LDAP and IWA allowing authentication with Microsoft Active Directory, and Single Sign-On (SSO) with Kerberos. With Noodle’s single sign-on option, you can also use your preferred third party services, such as One LoginCentrify or Okta.


User Based Permission Control

Noodle allows administrators to set permissions for each Intranet application and section for user or groups.  The Access Rights Read, Post, Modify and Admin are integrated making Noodle a very flexible secure platform that provides the ability to finely set the level of access.

Intranet Permissions