Intranet Activity Feed

Use the Noodle Blog application to share important information with staff. You can have multiple contributors to one blog, and create multiple blogs within Noodle. The Blog application’s rich-text editor lets you add links, images, widgets, and tables to your intranet blog. Enable workflows for controlled publishing.

Live Blog Portlets
  • Create a blog portlet to keep your team up to date with new posts
  • Display the contents of the most recent blog, or show a summary of the most recent entries
  • Notify and share blogs with other users from within the Blog options
Built-in Text Editor
  • Familiar word processor format options. Stylize and format your text, paragraphs, tables and more
  • Easily add links, pictures. WYSIWYG editor helps you position and design your page without coding knowledge
  • Use the editor to add your own Source Code and embed videos, widgets or java-script for more advanced editing
Intranet Activity Feed

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