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Noodle makes it easy to engage your employees and keep them up to date on new intranet content. The"What’s New" application displays an entire history of new content that has been created and modified on the intranet as well as personal status updates. Intranet users can also create a personalized view of What’s New to filter only the content of their choice and have new updates automatically sent to their e-mail. Users can also see items for their review and follow selected co-workers content. Intranet News Feed and Site Updates

What's New Intranet Activity Stream

What's New Activity Stream

  • New/Un-Reviewed content will display a counter on your"What's New" icon to indicate the number of new items
  • Different sorting options and the ability to customize which applications you see updates from
  • Be social and Comment and 'Like' new content!

What's New Filter Options

  • Filter "What's New" to see updates that you haven't reviewed yet
  • See updates only by Co-Workers that you follow
  • Refine even further using tags to search for new content
Intranet Status Filters
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