Intranet Shared Documents

The Folder application provides powerful document management functionality. Create unlimited folders to hold any type of file or document. Advanced features include check in, check out of files & documents, document approvals, version control, and custom workflows.

Documents & Folders
  • Upload documents to your intranet one at a time using your file explorer
  • Upload documents in bulk to your intranet by uploading a .zip file
  • Drag and drop files from your local computer to the site to upload
Documents History
  • See who has viewed a document
  • Send a e-mail to notify users to review a document
  • Also view who created/uploaded the document and who made modifications
Check Out and Version Control Documents
  • Leave a Read-Only copy of a document while you edit it offline
  • Choose to overwrite a modified document or save as a new version.
  • Fully control the access permissions for document sharing.
Intranet Shared Documents

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