Discussion Forum

Imagine Reddit for your intranet! The Discussion Forum application lets users communicate with each other, and share and document thoughts on a specific subject. With three levels of categorization — Forum, Category, and Topic — this tools is very scalable. Because the application has the same built-in WYSIWYG Block editor, discussion posts can accept rich text such as links, images, tables, and video. Discussions are stored in the Intranet, which means users can continue to contribute to them, building up corporate knowledge.

Forum Categories
  • Separate your discussions into categories
  • For each category, set who can view/post in the forum
WYSIWYG Text Editor
  • Familiar word processor format options. Stylize and format your text, paragraphs, tables and more
  • Easily add links, pictures. WYSIWYG editor helps you position and design your page without coding knowledge
  • Use the editor to add your own Source Code and embed videos, widgets or java-script for more advanced editing
Sharepoint Discussion Forum
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