In Noodle, the Page application allows you to create a page to hold content. You create and edit a Page with Noodle’s built-in WYSIWYG editor. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, then you can easily create, edit, and format a Page in Noodle. You can embed multi-media, such as images, links, slideshows, videos, and widgets using the embed code from popular social media sites. Pages can also contain other Noodle applications or other Pages.

WYSIWYG Text Editor
  • Familiar word processor format options. Stylize and format your text, paragraphs, tables and more
  • Easily add links, pictures. WYSIWYG editor helps you position and design your page without coding knowledge
  • Use the editor to add your own Source Code and embed videos, widgets or java-script for more advanced editing
Pages, Applications and Folders
  • Pages can be used as a traditional wiki, but can also hold other Noodle applications and Folders
  • Use Pages to hold different kinds of content for a specific project or department
  • Display the content list or use Noodle’s Portlets to make a dynamic home page
Intranet Pages
Example Page within Noodle.