Media Album

The Media Album is a popular application for photos and now video as well! Use it to store and share important product photos or pictures of company events, without clogging up your email. Upload your own video to play in the Album, or link to an external video like YouTube.

Manage your Photos
  • Add images individually or upload a .zip file for Noodle to extract
  • Rename, Cut, Delete and download entire galleries of photos
  • View photos in thumbnail or list views
  • Check history of a photo, comment and share
Stream Video Content
  • Upload your own videos to the Noodle server the same way as other files
  • Added ability to link to an external video source, like YouTube
  • Arrange videos in an album/slideshow and watch the video in Noodle
Albums in Widgets
  • Add fun to your section headlines by adding Album Widgets
  • Have a Widget for each of your albums
  • Easy way to highlight employee milestones and company event
Intranet Media Album
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