Adding Media to Noodle

There are several ways to incorporate Media, such as Photos and Videos, into your Noodle intranet site. Whether you want to keep an album of company photos, display training videos, or to add images to your portliest or blogs, it’s easy to do with Noodle.
Adding images and video to your site can, not only help make your page stand out, but also keeps users visiting to see the newest photos from the company Halloween party or to watch the newest training videos.
Let’s look through a few ways you can add Media to your site.

Media Album

Noodle has a built-in Media Album to allow you to upload and link to images and videos and view them as thumbnails or in a slide show.
Images and web-friendly videos (.mp4, .webm, .ogg) can be uploaded and viewed directly in this album. If you have a lot of photos from a company event you want to share, you can compress them into a zip file and upload all of the images directly into the album.

Intranet Media Album

If you want to share a video from an external source (like YouTube or Vimeo) you can copy and paste the video URL and add the video to be played on your intranet site with no coding required.
You can also add meta information to make it easy to find media content. Utilize tags and keywords so your media content can be found in a number of ways. All Noodle Media and other Content also allows you to share easily with others through e-mail or Instant Message.

Media in Text Editor

The Noodle Text Editor provides an easy way to add images to your Blogs, Announcement Widgets, Discussions, Pages and more. While still providing robust options to change the properties of the image, add links and other advanced options.
You can add images into the text editor by uploading them directly inside of the editor, or by browsing to an image stored in a Media or Documents folder. You can then adjust the size, alignment and spacing of the image in your post.
It’s also simple to add a hyperlink to the image with no HTML required. Advanced options allow you to add iFrames, styles and other details. This enables you to easily create quick link images on your main page to draw more attention to your content.

Other Media options

The Text Editor also allows you to embed 3rd party widgets and other HTML5 content and javascript. This allows you to create your own gallery or automatic slideshow on your main page. You can also use the Noodle Tables to create simple slideshows.
Being able to edit your own source code also allows you to use your own web player. This enables you to add more options than what is in the standard video tag.
Using Document Folders for images and videos for marketing or other work purposes can be useful. If you want to be able to utilize Workflows and other Document Folder options such as version control, you can do this just like any other Noodle document.

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