Human Resource Management (HRM) with Noodle

Continuing from our last post, Marketing with Noodle via CRM Databases, we will breakdown some common business software lingo. Today we will explore features of Human Resource Management (HRM) software and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). Also we’ll take a look at how Noodle can help with these functions.

What Is HRM And Why Do I Need It?

Human Resource Management involves organizing people, and information. Usually this is via a Human Resource Information System (HRIS). It’s no wonder that intranets, which thrive on the flow of information and employee engagement, are commonly used to assist in this. The Human Resource department requires the ability to efficiently collect, track and share information across the organization. Often they will use different solutions to accomplish these day-to-day tasks, such as Email, Instant Messages, Surveys, Forms and Databases. Many of these tasks are processes with routine steps, such as new employee intake, or time-off requests.

HRM is also often conducted across different applications and legacy software, which can make it difficult to communicate across platforms. As employee habits become entrenched, and legacy software prevails, the company ends up incurring a significant opportunity cost. When this cost becomes too high, it typically sparks a call for proposals. This usually results in a complete overhaul of the organization’s HRM into one system or HRIS.

Human Resource Management (HRM) with Noodle

With this in mind, Noodle allows users to integrate HTML, and Javascript applications to overcome this barrier. Specifically users can connect to existing systems with a web interface from Noodle’s External Links application. The following is an example of this with a payroll application.

 From this screenshot you can see the application opened in the Noodle site’s frame. The Human Resource section also includes other ideas for HRM, such as training videos, time-off requests or frequently asked questions. For routine processes you can enhance your productivity by creating workflows. Workflows allow you to create steps such as contribution, review, or, approval steps, etc. for these routine processes. Let’s also take a look at the time-off request form.  

Let’s say the System Administrator wants to book their vacation time. They will fill out this form and save it on Noodle. A workflow can notify the direct supervisor and ask for approval. Once this approval is given, a notification will be sent back to the System Administrator to confirm the vacation time. This is just one scenario, where forms and workflows can assist with Human Resource Management.

Learn More about Human Resource Management (HRM) with Noodle

Noodle Intranet enables you to centralize your HR data with flexible applications, and multi-level permission controls. Contact a Noodle Advisor today to learn how to accomplish your human resource goals with Noodle.

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