Using Polls in your Intranet

Adding a Quick Poll to your intranet’s main page is a great way to encourage user participation. It’s a small and easy way to make your intranet more interactive and to allow you to learn more about your employees. Polls answers are anonymous and users can only vote once. Poll results are then viewed in a chart. A poll expiry date can also be set up.

Polls can be used to provide a democratic forum for input on events, projects and more. Empowering the employees by being able to vote on certain topics helps boost employee morale. Questions can also be asked to help find ways to improve processes and procedures. These answers can help you identify problems and help come up with answers to the problems.

To help increase intranet engagement, “just for fun” polls are very effective too. California based, National Semiconductor, gets about 600 responses a week to their intranet poll questions. They achieve this by asking interesting questions out of their own curiosity such as “I believe in an afterlife (yes/no).”

They help provide communicator, Ray Hosler, a way to draw employees to their site and to participate as well. Instead of just asking questions about corporate decisions, the questions and answers are used to help to get to know co-workers instead. Simple, easy to answer questions were very effective in this goal.

Polls in Noodle can be setup via Widgets and the form designer.  Polls are easy to set up and manage and can be a useful resource to help make decisions, learn more about your employees, encourage engagement and help boost employee morale. Don’t wait, contact us now to help you set up your intranet site and start using polls to engage your employees!

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