Portal Software: What are the most important features?

Evaluating Portal Software

We are all familiar with portal software. Particularly, the login screen. We see these gateways daily, and login, without a thought, to whatever application we are planning on using. Whether that’s a social application like Facebook, or a work email client. So what are the most important features of portal software?

When we log into the all too familiar login screen we have expectations. The primary thing that we expect is to be able to access all the things we are hoping to look at or work on. Roadblocks are introduced, when we have to move from software to software and we are faced with compatibility issues. True portal software enables us to stay within the software for each task. That’s the most important feature of portal software; being able to access all you need when you need it.

Customizing Your Portal For Your Work

So does that mean that portal software needs to be wrought with features to be a good software? Not necessarily. What’s more important is the accessibility of those features and capabilities you use in your day to day work. So, if those applications, features or capabilities are not by default available and accessible, it is important that your portal software is customizable to make that possible. These features that are important to you, are important to us. With Noodle, you can customize your intranet portal to show those applications that are important to you. While many Noodle users have taken advantage of organizing their sections, Widgets, and permission controls, the “My Stuff” tab within their Noodle’s “My Profile” area often is overlooked as a means to customize your portal.

Using Your Profile To Your Advantage

Your profile area is designed around you. It can be a place to store documents that only you will need to work on. Or it can be a place to create and store drafts before they see the light of day. It can also be a place for your calendar, your projects, or any of the 15 different Noodle applications that you would like an individual instance of. Also, you can create your own Widgets for quick snapshots of your most recent work.

For more information on taking advantage of the customizability of Noodle, or questions on what makes Noodle a powerful portal software, contact our Noodle Advisors.

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