Winter Intranet Clean Up

For some organizations, things slow down in the winter and during the holidays. It’s a good idea to take this time as an opportunity to review and refresh your intranet. Cleaning up  old content  or re-organizing things during this time, are great ways to make sure things are fresh and relevant for the new year. Consider some of the steps below to make sure your intranet is ready for 2019.

Archiving/Deleting Old Content

This one seems obvious, but it’s something that happens to many intranets.  Old or irrelevant content kills the engagement of an intranet. Even if your team is sharp at updating and adding new content, the old stuff usually gets left behind.

This can make things hard to find, or risks the user finding out of date information. Using the Analytics, you can see what’s been viewed recently, when things were created and use that to find and remove (or archive) older items.

It’s also a good idea to use Workflows to automate this. If you haven’t already, consider setting this up for the new year.

An “Expiry Timer” can be set for the following applications: Calendars, Database Forms, Document Folders and Blogs.

In the workflow (after the Timer step) you can then choose to either “Move” an item to archive it, or to “Delete” it completely. You can even set up notifications to the creator of the item to let them know that their content will be moved/deleted.

Having fresh and relevant content is the best way to keep engagement high with your intranet.

Intranet Branding

You may have already branded your site for the holidays, which is great to do. But it could also be a good time to review your site’s design to update the look. This can also help with engagement and make things new and exciting to the users.

Consider changing up colors or backgrounds. Create a new top banner or login page. Or maybe even switch the view to the Top Navigation or Side Navigation, depending on your current setting.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for increasing engagement and welcoming people back after the holidays.

Get feedback

While things are slower, this could be a good time to gather feedback from your users. Consider holding quick team huddles to see how the intranet has helped them, what could be better and what current problems they may be currently facing that may be solved by the intranet.

You can also use the Database application, in Noodle, to create a form to collect suggestions or feedback, in case the live huddle isn’t an option.

If you haven’t already selected a name for your intranet, you can use this time to have a fun contest for everyone to suggest or vote for a fun name for the intranet.

Remember to take any questions or feedback from your staff and reach out to your Noodle Technical Solutions Consultant for further advice or assistance. We want your intranet to keep helping your organization through 2019 and beyond and are always around to help!

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