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No One Is Using Your Intranet

It’s not you, it’s not them either. It’s your intranet. You didn’t work hard researching, developing and implementing your intranet for it to just sit dormant and look pretty. You want to know your employees are using the tool you worked hard on. Statistics can help paint a picture of how, when and by whom your intranet is being used. But measurements such as “Time logged in” or “Number of logins” doesn’t necessarily show your intranet is successful and engaging. To be fair, ‘less’ time spent on an intranet is best, IF it’s doing it’s job and making it easy for employees to find the information they need.

A different rating is required to really understand how your users are utilizing your intranet (or if they aren’t) and how and when to make improvements. Sometimes it’s a change of culture. Some employees may be reluctant to share information or post something they found interesting because they are afraid of breaking any rules. They believe the old adage of the intranet’s content being placed by management and HR, that they do have have a part in the development or contribution of the tool.

It’s far too difficult (and unrealistic) to judge the value of your intranet by using just a series of statistics. Instead, you need a rating that combines these metrics into a more measurable score. Using an “Engagement” score looks at the big picture of how a user is spending time on the intranet.

How does Noodle track engagement?

Noodle is full of analytics to help you manage the ongoing progress and growth of your intranet. Site wide statistics will help paint an overall picture. Noodle goes even further with more personalized stats. This includes keeping track of how many comments a user makes along with “Likes” they receive on their posts, blogs and other items. They are also assigned an “Engagement Score” which looks at a calculation based on things like how many items they contributed and how many items have they viewed. All these stats paint a useful picture of how your intranet is being used and by whom. This information can be used to help improve the user experience of the intranet.


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My Profile: Your Personalized Workspace

Traditional Intranets provide a repository of information, provide HR resources and information, and stay up to date on news with the company. Social Intranets, like Noodle, go further than being a knowledge base, they build a community. Noodle wants to help your employees improve communications and encourage collaboration. Which is why we are excited to release our latest update that gives more freedom to employees to share and get to know each other better.

Noodle’s, “My Profile”, has been improved and expanded to allow more customization and more sharing. This is even more important these days when employees work from home, remotely from a different office, or out in the field. Employees do not get to know each other as well as in the past and collaboration suffers because of this. Noodle wants to change this by giving a platform for your employees to personalize their online profile and engage in the social culture of your business.

Social Networks Arrive in the Workplace

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Effective Alternatives to Outlook


With the growing popularity of the Social Intranet thanks to products like Noodle, old business production suites are becoming a thing of the past. Outlook has all the features you want, but it but it’s not a very user-friendly utility.

Long time users of Outlook may have trouble finding certain items and menus in newer versions of the product. Not many sort or search capabilities. Lack of support for non-Windows systems. Not mobile friendly. Outlooks role in the office is rapidly being replaced but much more versatile out of the box solutions.

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Noodle Intranet Info Graphic

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Naming Your Intranet: Part 2

In Part 1 of Naming Your Intranet we went over five different types of intranet names.

1. Words that signify the goals/vision of your intranet
2. Company name + vision word
3. Famous characters
4. Acronyms with double meaning
5. Words with special meaning

If you haven’t had a chance to read “Naming Your Intranet: Part 1” please click on the link below to check it out.


Naming your intranet is one aspect of a successful intranet that companies often overlook. Choosing the right name for your intranet can have a significant impact on employee’s first impressions and attitudes towards the overall experience. Try to incorporate company culture and/or branding into your intranets name, even include a slogan or tagline if possible.

Ex. Our company intranet here at Vialect is simply called “Our Noodle”, and a common phrase around the office is…

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What Are The Top 3 Things Your Intranet May Be Missing?

1.  Micro Blogging / Status Updates

Most of us have sent a text message before. It’s a very easy way to deliver a message to one or more people. Status updates are very similar in the way that they are easy to post and simple for other users to read. Whats great about status updates is they go beyond a simple message, they can include links to videos, they can include photos, you can even get feedback from several users with comments and our like button.

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How The People Portlet Can Make Employee Recognition A Little More Personal

Employee of the Month programs have been around for as long as we can all remember.  It is a great way to recognize hard work and achievements in the workplace.  The problem with EOM programs is they often get forgotten about or pushed to the back burner.  Employee of the Month must be easy to sustain for management and fun for employees.

Having your name on a plaque is nice, but is employee recognition limited to just plaques?  Noodle has a better way with our “People Portlet”!  The People Portlet can be used to highlight an employee for many different types of achievements, and best of all, it is very customizable making things a little more personal.  Next time you select an employee of the month remember to keep the People Portlet in mind.

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How to Motivate Your Employees Using The Intranet (Backed By Science)

Getting and keeping employees motivated is an essential part of a successful workplace.

Motivated employees are more likely to be engaged employees “” those who “work with passion.” They’re also the most innovative and productive employees.

How do we motivate employees?

In this post, I’m going to talk about what scientific research has proven to be effective at motivating people, whether at work or other areas of our lives. I’m also going to explore some of the ways you can use the company intranet to increase motivation at work.

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Intranet Etiquette: Do You Need It?

The company intranet is an excellent communication and collaboration tool. However, if it is misused, it can become the platform for miscommunication, unnecessary conflict, and low employee morale.

This is why it’s important for intranet users to adhere to acceptable standards of behaviour. These standards “” whether in the form of written policies or unspoken rules “” can help maintain the peace in your intranet and improve internal communications.

I highly recommend you write a set of intranet etiquette rules or guidelines.

Below are some principles you may want to include, in no particular order:

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Intranet Engagement: 10 Lessons from Social Media

Does your company have a social intranet, but you’re seeing very little social interaction in it?

Take heart, not all organizations “get” enterprise social networking right away.

When it comes to increasing engagement in a networking platform, we can learn much from social media. Marketers, communication specialists, and other experts have studied and analyzed engagement in social media  for years now.

What works in social media most likely will work in your organization’s social intranet as well. Below is a list of what we can learn from social media in terms of increasing engagement.