How to make your Intranet Suck Less in 2011

Engaging with users and changing with ROI in mind Every year Intranets become more important to corporations and with the rise of familiar social networking tools in 2010 this year was no different.  I don’t know of any published statistics but I bet Corporate Intranets were likely accessed more in 2010 then they were in … Read more

Sharepoint Resources

SharePoint Portal Alternatives – A Credible List What is SharePoint 2010? Vision and Reality The Trouble with Going Google: Four Reasons Why I Got Out SharePoint Alternative for Enterprises? SharePoint 2007: Gateway Drug to Enterprise Social Tools Response to “SharePoint 2007: Gateway Drug to Enterprise Social Tools” Circling Around To Enterprise 2.0 Again Sharepoint and … Read more

How Thanksgiving is like a great Intranet

As most of North America relaxes and consumes large quantities of food and football, I started thinking about how thanksgiving and great Intranets are alike.  Stay with me on this. The Social Gathering A great Intranet is a place where all the employees of a company can gather and virtually meet. Sometimes its difficult to … Read more

Enterprise 2.0 / Intranet Resources

Blogs Research Reports 2009/2010 Communication ROI Study Report: Capitalizing on Effective Communication [TowersWatson] Social Media Survey 2010 [Melcrum] Behind the Firewall: Internal Communications 2009 [Society for New Communications Research Awards] Case study submissions on how an organization is using new communication and/or social media tools internally to enhance employee communications, or corporate culture, … Read more

Vialect Introduces “œGroup Chat” with the Release of Noodle 6.9

Enterprise software developer Vialect continues to raise the bar for business networking/collaboration platforms with the release of version 6.9 for Noodle that includes an impressive “Group Chat” application. Vialect President Tim Dorey explains that this upgrade to their Enterprise 2.0 social networking platform will allow co-workers to create virtual meeting rooms where they can discuss … Read more

Create Shortcuts to Applications used Regularly in Noodle

Bookmarks or “favorites” are a basic but very useful browser feature. Noodle has a simple yet powerful bookmark system featuring tabs to organize your most frequently used applications. Users set up their own custom tabs in the Quickbar which can include a link to any application or page the user has the rights to access. … Read more

Calling all Bloggers

We are looking for a few guest bloggers to create content for this blog.  Topics are open and the main categories being Enterprise 2.0, Intranets and collaboration.  This could translate into a full time blogger position for Vialect.  Please use our contact page to get in touch with your topic ideas.

Enterprise 2.0: A Brave New World

As time and technology changes, so does the way that we do business. It was not too long ago that the computer age began and ushered in a new era of efficiency. Today, business owners are looking for new business methods and applications to take the work experience to the next level. Enter the world … Read more

Empowering the Intranet User

Many companies are looking to empower their Intranet Users or Employees more and more by involving them in decision-making and other processes normally reserved for management.  This has made fast, reliable communication even more useful in today’s workplace.  Empowering the Intranet User should be a priority for you as well. Noodle has some great ways … Read more