What’s Better, Cloud or On-Premise Deployments?

Today we are going to compare cloud intranet software and on-premise intranet software to help you understand the differences, and why someone might choose one over the other. So first let’s define what cloud intranet and on-premise intranet mean. You’ve likely heard all about the cloud software and how all our applications are moving to the cloud. The key difference between cloud intranet and on-premise intranet options is simply where the server is located and who is managing it.

For cloud intranet sites, your data is stored on a distributed cloud server, most likely at a large data centre owned by one the key players in the industy, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, or Rackspace. For our Noodle cloud intranet sites, we have customers on both Rackspace and Amazon hosted servers. With the cloud intranet option, this means your data is being backed up and managed by us via either of those servers. Also, what this means, is you can freely access your intranet from any location, without making any changes to your site by typing the your intranet’s URL on any modern browser.

While, the cloud option provides users with all the same security and features, some customers require an on-premise intranet solution due to compliance issues, company policy, or other reasons. For this reason, you can set up your intranet on your own server. In this case, you would be able to manage and maintain the server, giving you full control. Again, while this is a bit more work for our customers many choose to go this route because it is required for compliance, company policy or other reasons.

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