Adding Widgets to Noodle Intranet Software

There is so much you can do by Adding Widgets in Noodle. Widgets can be added to your Section Page, or any Sub-Pages, or even in your own Profile!

In today’s video, we look how to add Widgets to Noodle. With some examples of what you can do with them.

  • Choose from over a dozen Widgets to customize your Intranet landing page and add dynamic and static content
  • Use Widgets to focus on information you want to highlight upon viewing an intranet section headline
  • Add Breaking News announcements, highlight an “Employee of The Month”, or add your own web widgets (twitter feeds, videos, weather and much more) to make your site more interactive
  • There are Widgets for most Noodle applications, as well as static Widgets such as Polls, People Directory, Announcements, Search and Satuses

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