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Adding Media to Noodle

There are several ways to incorporate Media, such as Photos and Videos, into your Noodle intranet site. Whether you want to keep an album of company photos, display training videos, or to add images to your portliest or blogs, it’s easy to do with Noodle.Adding images and video to your site can, not only help …

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Noodle Gets an Upgrade

For over a decade, Vialect Inc. has been working hard at growing our Intranet platform, Noodle. We have grown so much over the years and have seen the rise and evolution of the modern Intranet. We, just like our valuable clients, work hard to listen to our customers and improve our product with each upgrade. The …

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Cost of an Intranet

It can be self-evident that improving communication and collaboration in your workplace can provide a significant return on investment. Introducing more efficient and organized ways of sharing information and working together not only saves time, but outputs better results. Getting your management team to understand this is crucial. In many cases, choosing a software to …

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3 Reasons Why My Company Doesn’t Have a Corporate Intranet

It can be difficult to find a perfect match in a market where there are so many choices. Especially for those looking to improve communication and the information sharing within their organization. Getting the proper pre-planning advice and guidance is just as crucial as choosing what software to use and how to set up and manage …

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