Google Apps with Noodle Intranet

We know you love Google. You use Google every day. Whether it be for doing a web search, managing your schedule, or storing important documents and photos. Google, pretty much, has an app for everything. They also make it easy to share content from many Google apps on other websites. Noodle has many different ways of sharing this content, so you can combine the best of both worlds. Resulting in a one stop location for all your office resources and tools.

Calendar Sharing

Noodle and Google Calendar have many different ways of communicating with each other. This makes it easy to utilize your Noodle Intranet Calendar, while also using the platform your office is used to.

Intranet Calendar

Some ways you can integrate Calendars with Noodle:

  • Import and export .ics files from or to Google Calendar to merge or share content from one calendar to another
  • Publish and Subscribe the calendars to share and update information. This allows each calendar to share information and update on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis
  • If managing more than one calendar, use the Merged Calendar to combine your Google and Noodle calendars in one view
  • Embed Google calendar in a Page or Widget on main page. This allows you to see your full Google Calendar in different display options


Noodle has a powerful document system. Yet, for certain business reasons, some documents are still shared on Google Drive. With Noodle, you can:

  • Link to Google docs to open in Google app in Noodle frame or embed content into Pages and Posts (Graphs, charts, images etc)
  • Embed Google drive into a Page or Widget to use as a file explorer
  • Export your Google drive documents and compress into a .zip file and allow Noodle to extract the .zip file to the Noodle database
  • Use shortcodes to show specific cells and columns in Spreadsheets in a Page, Widget or Post
  • Share documents over Google Drive with users who do not have access to your intranet


Noodle has made it easier to share videos with your co-workers. This allows you to showcase company events, press conferences and host training videos. Instead of using your Noodle cloud space or own disk storage, upload your videos to YouTube and use Noodle to interact with those videos.

  • Embed YouTube videos into any discussion Post, Blog or Page
  • Use Noodle’s Media Album application to directly link to YouTube video without any coding and play in Noodle
  • View videos in a slideshow format, and display new videos in a Widget

Other Google Apps

There are other Google apps you can use in Noodle as well. This can provide extra features and functionality for your intranet. All with tools most users are familiar with:

  • Use Google maps in Noodle to display locations of events, or for delivers, routes, office locations and much more
  • Embed Google Group discussions in Noodle
  • Allow employees to share simple Google Forms that don’t require the full features of the Noodle Form Designer
  • Hold live video streams/conferences with Google Hangouts in a Noodle Page

There are many other possibilities too with other Google apps you may use in your office. There is no need to spend an arm and a leg on multiple different programs to achieve these tasks that run independently. Instead use Noodle’s flexible interface to allow use of tools you already use in your office right now.

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