Introducing Noodle’s Org Chart

An employee directory is an important feature to have in any intranet. Finding people is one of the most common uses of an intranet. A summary of all employees grouped by their department or expertise is a great way to find information about a colleague or group. Organizational charts are useful for employees to find information about the organization and the people.  Noodle’s Employee Directory does all this and more!

Org Charts

Noodle is happy to now include Organizational Charts in the Employee Directory. This allows employees to use the intranet to graphically view the relation of one department to another, the corporate structure of their company and an overview of different positions within the company. This makes it easy for employees to find the right person to reach out to when looking for support or approval. It clarifies the chain of command and identifies roles, which is very useful when you have a company with lots of employees and different department heads. Each user links to their profile as well, so it’s easy to contact a person you are looking for and find more information about them. An Org Chart is very useful for new hires for these reasons as well.

Intranet Org Chart


Another useful Noodle feature, is grouping employees by ‘Expertise’. Your company adds a list of skills or areas of expertise relative to your business. Employees are then able to choose which skills they posses or are experts on. This allows users to use the Employee Directory to find help for a particular subject and learn about each other. You can even group message each person listed under a skill to inquire a whole group of experts!

employee directory expertise

People Widget

You can even create a People Widget on your main page to show an overview of a department or your entire company. As well as the ability to highlight a single employee as a new hire, employee of the month, or just general recognition. The spotlight shows their profile photo as well as the ability to add your own statement about the employee. You can even search and view user’s profiles from the Widget as well.

A company directory is a key piece of any intranet. Noodle makes it easy to manage and group your users and provide valuable resources for employees to save time and energy by making it easy for them to locate people they need to speak to. It also gives them a better understanding of the company structure and provides opportunity to get to know employees you don’t normally talk to. Get started with improving your employee collaboration by having one of our Technical Solution Consultants build you a prototype and walk you through a free demo now.

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