What Does Dedicated Account Manager Mean?

Here at Noodle we pride ourselves on customer service, and offer our clients dedicated account managers. This means that your Intranet site is assigned someone from our technical solutions team to act as a consultant and support for you from setup to launch and onwards, free of charge.

Our dedicated accounts managers can help you with any number of things as you evaluate Noodle and during the 5 Steps to Launching an Intranet Portal. To give you some ideas as to what a dedicated account manager might help you with we compiled some stories of support, customizations and best practices that we have provided to our clients.

Workflow Creation

For those not familiar with the workflow application, this feature allows you to automate daily processes and operations. For example, if you want content creators to submit their work for editing or approval you can set up a workflow to facilitate this process. You could, for instance, define the following steps that need to happen. First the initial request could be triggered for the content creator to

So let’s provide some details on how our dedicated account managers can assist in this.

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