We need Sharepoint! Or do you?

If you’re developing collaboration/intranet software you know about Sharepoint. Our potential customers bring it up, existing customers have used it in the past and generally everyone in IT has come in contact with a Sharepoint deployment at some point.

In my opinion, Sharepoint is more of a platform than it is a product. If your company has an ASP developer, MSSQL database administrator, UI designer and a large budget, MS Sharepoint could be a good choice for you. It’s robust and can do many things.

However, if your company needs something put into place in a short amount of time, has a limited budget and will be content with boxed functionality, maybe Sharepoint isn’t a good choice.

I think it is important that management does a bit of research before they tell their already overworked IT staff, “We need Sharepoint!”

I am a bit biased but here a few interesting links about MS Sharepoint.

What’s wrong with Sharepoint?

Tips to avoid a Sharepoint nightmare

Let me know if you have any Sharepoint links I should include.

Also, if you’ve used or are currently using Sharepoint, share your experiences so far, whether positive or negative. What types of organizations and users do you think Sharepoint is appropriate for? Let us know in the comments below.

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