Create Shortcuts to Applications used Regularly in Noodle

Bookmarks or “favorites” are a basic but very useful browser feature. Noodle has a simple yet powerful bookmark system featuring tabs to organize your most frequently used applications.

Users set up their own custom tabs in the Quickbar which can include a link to any application or page the user has the rights to access.

Step One

From the My Profile Page, click the edit button in the top right.  In the General Settings Tab choose Yes to Display Quickbar.  Save your changes and log back into Noodle to apply.

Select the Edit link in the top left under the Toolbar logo to open the Quickbar Settings

Step Two

Create a tab by entering a name into the textbox below the list of currently available tabs (the top box). Ex.Company Forms, or Personal Pages…Select ‘Create New’ to save.

When a tab is selected, a list of its linked applications or pages will now be shown in the lower list. Simply select ‘Add New’ and select an application in the new window to create a link.

Shortcut names may also be altered from this menu by selecting them in the lower list and entering a new name for them in the textbox. Quickbar tab names may also be changed this way using the upper list and textbox.

Step Three

Create multiple tabs to organize your links for quick access frequently accessed applications within Noodle.

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