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Vialect Introduces “œGroup Chat” with the Release of Noodle 6.9

Enterprise software developer Vialect continues to raise the bar for business networking/collaboration platforms with the release of version 6.9 for Noodle that includes an impressive “Group Chat” application.

Vialect President Tim Dorey explains that this upgrade to their Enterprise 2.0 social networking platform will allow co-workers to create virtual meeting rooms where they can discuss dynamic topics in real time and share resources including documents and images. This functionality will increase group productivity by allowing teams to form quickly and easily, to stay connected and to work together faster.

A completely searchable wiki-based meeting summary is easily accessed for taking notes, and all meetings are archived so they can be revisited at a later date. With Group Chat, teams can collaborate and share ideas ““ and all those great ideas will remain in one organized and searchable place.

Noodle version 6.9, including Group Chat, is easy to use and will integrate seamlessly with Noodle’s existing platform settings such as access rights. It’s available now for hosted clients; local software clients can upgrade to version 6.9 with a valid support contract.

“With Noodle, we have been able to develop a robust, informative site for our employees”¦We are very excited about the upcoming group chat feature.  Now, we can collaborate in a more cohesive fashion, and communicate with one another faster, helping our business continue to expand.”

Mark Larsen, Halmar International

Since 2004, Vialect has been helping companies improve productivity and achieve their business objectives by offering a corporate social networking suite with a traditional collaborative application called Noodle.

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