Noodle Intranet Calendar and Document Tips

Part 2 of Noodle’s “Did You Know?” blog series. Sharing tips to help you use your Noodle Intranet.

In last week’s blog we looked at tips regarding Social Media fields, custom System notifications and custom icons. This week we bring 3 more tips that you may or may not know that you could do in your Noodle Intranet.

Ways to Add Documents in your Noodle Intranet

It’s probably safe to say that if you already use Noodle you know how to upload documents using the file explorer in folders.

But did you know that you can also compress multiple files and sub-folders into a .zip file that you can then upload into a Document Folder or Media Album and Noodle will extract the .zip files for you?

Or that you can also drag and drop items from your local desktop into a Document Folder? Previously this feature was available, but not commonly known. Starting with our next update, you will see this box to drop your files into in the same screen where you use the file explorer. This gives you more options to upload your documents.

Lastly, you can also create your own documents using Noodle’s Rich Text Editor. This allows you to create a Word or Excel style document that you can save as a .html file that can be edited live online with our editor. You can download the file, but you can view it online as well.


You may have seen the “Route” option in our Access Rights or Settings. You may not know how that may be used or how to set it up.

Routing/Archiving/Moving (which can be changed in the System Tools Settings) allows you to automatically move an item (Document, Calendar/Database Entry, Media and more) to a designated folder by just selecting “Route” in the options menu.

Only users with the “Route” permission are allowed to use this option. Assign the users/groups that you want to be able to route items in the Access Rights of the folder/app and then select the Route/Archive/Move tab (depending on your settings) to set up an Outgoing folder to move the items to.

Custom Event Types and Locations

There are many things you can do with the Noodle Intranet Calendar. One thing you may not know about is being able to set your own Event Types and Locations in your Global Settings.

By going to System Tools – Applications – Global Settings, you can upload your own icons and add your own event types to use in the calendar. There are also options to add your own custom locations.

Each custom location can include the contact info, address and even a map or image of the location. This can be handy for different offices or to provide a blue print for a conference room.

For help with setting up any of these functions contact us now to get assistance from one of our Technical Consultants. 

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