Cloud Security

  • Multiple Google & AWS Data Centers
  • Monthly backups are encrypted off site
  • Only the strong password protected ssh key in control of our security manager has access to hosted environments
  • Stable Linux branches are used and security updates are applied regularly
  • Application Security TLS (prevent passwords collection from public Wifi)
  • White list (prevent passwords guessing from known hostile networks)
  • Session Security Level to 4 (prevent session hijacking)
  • Minimum password length to 8 (make password guessing harder)
  • Auto blacklisting
  • Authentication report
  • Active Directory Authentication
  • Payment information is transmitted and stored offline
  • Only Senior staff have access to sensitive information (view our Privacy Statement for more detail)

On-Premise Security (Client Options)

  • Whole disk encryption (prevents bypassing security by reading the disk with another computer)
  • Dedicated server (reduces exploitable surface area)
  • Linux OS (protects from windows malware)
  • Firewall blocking all but ssh and the noodle http[s] ports. (reduces exploitable surface area) ssh keys (prevents password guessing on ssh)
  • Encrypted VPN or ssh tunnel (use with keys will prevent MITMA from a spoofed Wifi or an untrusted ISP or government)
  • Anonymity networks like tor can be used (optionally with TLS) (in practice will prevent anyone, including governments, from knowing what server a user is talking to)
  • Isolate to local network preventing public connections.

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