Deployment Options

Noodle can be installed locally behind your firewall or hosted via Cloud (SaaS). Whatever you decide, Noodle is the right choice.

OPTION #1 Cloud (SaaS) – It’s powerfully simple.

Noodle (we host it) minimizes your reliance on over-worked system administrators and unresponsive IT staff. With Noodle, you simply sign up, add the users you want to have access, and log in. It’s that easy. Your Noodle will be online 24/7. World-class back up procedures are in place to make sure your important data is always available and safe.

OPTION #2 On-Premises Software – Total ownership, total control.

On-Premises Noodle allows you to install and run Noodle in-house, under your control. The software can be installed on either a Windows or Linux server and supports MSSQL or PostgreSQL as database options.

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