New Noodle Team Member

Don’t forget the basics with new employee training

We recently added Leigh Anderson to our team and she has been in training for the last two weeks.  Leigh will be part of our support group and soon will be answering phones and emails.

Instead of going over all the technical issues we train people on I thought it would be more interesting if we listed some of the characteristics we feel is important to our ongoing success.  Every team member at Vialect must have these 5 characteristics.

In some cases new employees will try to prove themselves by interjecting with comments or suggestions, of course we encourage this but listening to fellow coworkers and customers will help shorten any learning curve.  Understanding why something is done is more important than how something is done.

Multitasking is a word that is used way too much and we see it on resumes all the time.  What it usually means is you do many tasks poorly instead of one task great.  We prefer you focus on one task and do it great.

Attention to Detail
This may be related to focus but it deserves mentioning.  The details are what makes something great.  Doesn’t matter if you work in design, support or sales, pay attention to the details.

This may seem like a common sense point but if you are unorganized the previous points will all be lost.  There are many tools today to help you get organized.  We like to use Noodle.:-)

Don’t have a Know-it-all Attitude
Be open to learn new things.  Every day we learn new things and technology is almost never black and white.  Every job requires uniques skills and knowledge so be ready to learn.  You should know more today than you did yesterday.

Feel free to welcome Leigh to the team!

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