Noodle Version 6.8.05 Released

6.8.05 Includes

* 10 languages added
* Option to crop or pad thumbnails
* Whitelist IP’s for controlled access
* SMTP port and password options
* Photo Widget now shows thumbnails
* Import/Export Backup entire site
* Faster loading user list with dedicated search

-Bug fixes:
* redirect if remember my password cookie and password changes
* calendar weekly repeating was hitting the safety
* loads export/import bugs
* routing reloading the wrong frame from one of the views
* deleted items not showing up
* DataManager>reports> editing a radio button will not save state
* import/export whole site fixes
* Forum Widget was still showing if folder was deleted
* UploadedFile memory leak (failed to close io stream)
* better image support (no more pink png thumbs)
* links app/folder now deletes if there is a Widget pointing to it
* delete not showing on DataManager with routing
* LDAP now can use different domains
* upgrade deadlock on mssql

To upgrade your version of Noodle please contact support.
If your Noodle is hosted with Vialect your site will be upgraded automatically.

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