Intranet and Digital Workplace-Related Reading (July 29-August 2)

Want to catch up on what I’ve been reading about productivity, intranets, and enterprise networks? Below are some posts I recommend:


The Perfect Workspace (According to Science)

More on how important positive emotions are. According to this article, rounded workspaces promote positive emotions, which are good for creativity and productivity. Best part of all: messy desks actually have benefits!

The Mobile Enterprise: What Access is Right for Your Company

Excellent question! We have clients who want to access their Noodle intranet while they’re on the road, and others who want their intranets accessible only through company computers.

Digital Asset Management: Finding the Right Fit for Your Company

Excellent advice. Author Jeff Lawrence begins with the first question I think everyone should ask when embarking on anything: “What are our goals?”


What have you been reading? Do share!

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