Fall Clean Up for your Intranet

Five tips for de-cluttering your Intranet

It’s fall and that means cleaning up the garage and preparing for the colder months ahead.  Just like a garage, an Intranet is a storage facility and if not kept organized it can become cluttered and inefficient to use.

Here are 5 simple tips to help keep your Intranet de-cluttered and running efficient for your staff.

1. Review Main Navigation

During the year items may have been added to the main navigation to distribute information or call attention to a company initiative.  If these items are not longer important or dated, remove them as they just add clutter to your interface.

2. Review Employee Directory & Permissions

Your company may hire new employees during the year and ultimately some may leave.  Ensure your user directory is up to date by validating that new employees have access and remove people that no longer work for your company.

3. Remove any date sensitive announcements
Archiving the RSVP invitation and map for the 2017 Christmas party is not really a good use of the Intranet.  Remove any old content that is not considered corporate knowledge.

4, Archive data not being accessed

Old company data has value and should be considered as corporate knowledge but it needs to be organized and archived in a special section of the Intranet.  This will de-clutter current information areas and help with future research.  One of your navigation items should be labeled archive and used to stored older content.

5. Update usage policies & strategy

Review your Intranet usage statistics.  It is important to fully understand what pages are the most popular and what are the least.  Find out from users what needs improving or adjusting and why.  Companies often adjust their business strategy and the Intranet should be aligned with that strategy.

If you implement these few simple suggestions every year, your staff will find the Intranet easier to use and your company will experience the value promised by an effective Intranet.

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