Noodle Poetry

You know your doing something right when your customers are writing poetry about your software.  This was sent to us from one of our customers.

Stick to the Noodle
By Margaret McMaster

When you are fraught with worries and woes,
From the top of your head to your wee little toes,
And a cup of hot chocolate or maple-glazed strudel
Cannot ease the stress of another bad rule,
A school bus that’s late, a battery that’s dead,
A book you think you’ve already read.
When all of your spunk has gone up in smoke
And your mood hangs on either a pill or a joke –
Waste no more time, it’s so simple, you see,
To get the kisses and hugs that you need,
No not from that slobbering standard white poodle
No, no, you must all STICK TO THE NOODLE!

Stick to the Noodle for tips worth hearing,
Where no one gives a hoot what you’re wearing!
Don’t hesitate – by gosh, don’t tarry,
Or make an appointment with Ben & Jerry,
Tomorrow will break fresh and new,
And give us another tough bone to chew,
But we are strong and we are mighty,
Answering supply calls in our nightie,
Our resolve is strong, we’re steadfast and true,
And stronger than any ridiculous flu,
The cure’s so simple it’s almost feudal,

Need I say it again? STICK TO THE NOODLE!

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