Effective Alternatives to Outlook


With the growing popularity of the Social Intranet thanks to products like Noodle, old business production suites are becoming a thing of the past. Outlook has all the features you want, but it but it’s not a very user-friendly utility.

Long time users of Outlook may have trouble finding certain items and menus in newer versions of the product. Not many sort or search capabilities. Lack of support for non-Windows systems. Not mobile friendly. Outlooks role in the office is rapidly being replaced but much more versatile out of the box solutions.

Yes, Outlook still has strength as a powerful e-mail client. But the important messages could be lost buried in the mass of daily e-mails.

Outlook calendar is okay itself, but can become quite cumbersome when using shared calendars.


Using an intranet, like Noodle, can replace your Outlook completely and open up more communication and interaction between employees. Here are some ways Noodle can replace your Outlook all together:

  • Noodle’s calendar application allows you to import .ics (iCalendar) files to your Noodle calendar. Set reminders, notify other users, set repeating schedules and organize meetings. Best of all, you can use Noodle’s Merge Calendar to combine the contents of other calendars and color-code them to make it easy to keep track of all company activities.
  • Hate trying to send group messages through Outlook? Use Noodle’s Memo Manager to send important messages to one or many recipients. You can schedule the memo as well. Handy if you want to set a daily/weekly reminder for a certain task.
  • All of your tools on one screen. Two monitors on your desk may look good and make you look more productive, but why should you have to bounce between multiple screens or use a 2nd monitor just to get your work done? No need to run additional programs or plugins. Find all you need in one, easy to search space.
  • Need an answer immediately? Need to share a file in a hurry? Use Noodle’s built-in Instant Messenger. Easily connect with co-workers and have the option to share pictures, links and videos. There is even a built in webcam function to keep things personal!
  • Sending files as attachments can bog down your e-mail and that .pst file inflates in size. Share files seamlessly within Noodle. You can even check-out files for editing to lock from others being able to edit the file. When you’re done, one click archive the file to move it to another area.
  • With Social Networking, Instant Messaging and Noodle’s Status Feed (known in the market as an activity feed), e-mail is fading into the background as an effective source of communication in the office. There are many other free and powerful clients that can be used to handle your e-mailing needs. It’s time to break up with your Outlook’s inbox!
  • Powerful search options. When you need information, you need it fast. There is nothing worse than spending your time looking for an old e-mail thread that had the link to the document you need. With auto suggest, tagging and search by section easily find what you are looking for.
  • Your contacts all in one place. Not only can you directly IM or e-mail a co-worker from within Noodle, you can also keep a full Address Book. This allows you to sort and organize your contacts flawlessly. You can then export these contacts to a spreadsheet for your other uses.

Noodle Intranet really is the simple out of the box solution you have been looking for. You will love the functionality, your IT department will love the flexibility and security and your end-users will see it’s useful and friendly. Find out for yourself now at / and check out more of Noodle’s awesome features. Contact us now and we can build you a prototype to explore the wonder of Noodle, The Social Intranet.


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