Weird and Wacky Intranet Contests

This week we’re celebrating Weird Contest Week. You still have time to think of one and implement it before the workweek ends.

“Weird and wacky” covers whatever is unusual, funny, or strange. These contests will help increase activity in your intranet, provide opportunities for staff to know each other better, and relieve office stress.

If you’re at a loss for weird and wacky ideas, check these out.

7 Weird and Wacky Contests for Your Intranet

1. Weirdest office quote

What’s the weirdest thing they’ve ever heard at work? Whether in a meeting, at the water cooler, or even from a customer or vendor.

Post their weirdest quotes using the blog application (or similar), and ask staff to vote for their favorites.

2. Wacky office photo

Wacky photos are popular. Ask staff to post their wackiest photos taken in the office, or in the course of doing their work. Staff vote for the wackiest ones.

3. Caption this photo

If you’re short on time, this photo-related contest is easy to do. Pick an interesting photo, preferably something related to your company, or even featuring employees.

Ask staff to submit their captions for the photo. The funniest caption wins.

4. Wacky hat day

Staff members upload pictures of them wearing their wackiest hat. For added fun, use these as intranet profile pictures for at least one week. Have staff vote for each other’s pictures, or name a panel of judges.

5. Extreme mobile working

What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever worked? Was it on top of a mountain? In church? Prove it with a photo.

6. Most improved workspace

Get staff to clean up their workspaces and have fun at the same time. Participants take before and after photos of their workspace. They or a panel of judges vote for the most improved. In truth, everybody wins.

7. Weird employee stories

What’s the most embarrassing, weird or strangest experience your staff have ever had while working for company? Write up the answer, publish them as blog posts, and have employees vote on their favorite stories.

Should You Give Prizes?

When it comes to weird and wacky contests, most participants are motivated by the pure fun of it. Not to mention bragging rights.

But if you’re able to arrange them, actual prizes can be fun. Consider:

  • fun trophies
  • badge to display on their intranet profile page
  • half or full day off from work
  • one day of telecommuting
  • a place on your office Wall of Fame

Your Weird & Wacky Ideas

So what weird and wacky contests will you organize in your intranet? Share your plans in the comments below.

And remember, you can have a fun intranet contest anytime, not just this week.

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