How to Re-engage Your Employees with the Intranet

When it comes to optimizing productivity, engaging your employees plays a big role. According to the infographic below, engaged workers are more creative and collaborate more. They’re happier, healthier, and less stressed.

Employees who are actively disengaged, on the other hand, are bad for business. It is estimated that disengaged employees cost $370 billion per year in lost productivity. 

According to the infographic above, all is not lost with disengaged employees. You can re-engage them in three ways:

  • Offer recognition

Getting recognition, even a virtual pat on the back, is motivating to employees.

  • Play to strengths

When employees feel their potential is being used, their engagement increases.

  • Build culture

A healthy company culture encourages engagement.

In each of these aspects, your intranet can be an important tool.

3 Ways the Intranet Can Re-engage Employees

1. Recognize employee achievements and successes

The intranet is the perfect place to give recognition to staff who’ve reached goals or excelled in some way. For example, Noodle intranet has a People Widget, which easily lets you shine the spotlight on specific employees. Add it to your intranet home page to highlight and encourage staff achievements, whether big or small.

You can also use the Blog Application to create an employee news feed, publishing stories on staff accomplishments. Or you could create a “Bragging Board” using the Discussion Forum, where employees themselves can post what they’ve done that they’re proud of.

2. Play to Strengths

It takes a team to keep your intranet running. Now you can solicit the participation of employees and re-engage them in the process. Think of the strengths of specific staff who are actively disengaged, and brainstorm ways to harness those strengths in the intranet.

For example, do you have a staff who has low morale about her job but seems very active and interested in staff activities? Why not recruit her to write a blog or maintain the media album of employee events? Or is another staff passionate about health issues? Have them find health resources you can link to from a “Health & Wellness” portal on the home page.

3. Create and maintain a healthy culture

The infographic doesn’t explain what a “healthy culture” for engagement is. I imagine it’s a culture that encourages staff participation, where employees feel safe to express themselves, and where they feel that management is truly listening.

If so, then your intranet can help in this area as well. Set up intranet spaces for open and safe communication by all staff, using applications such as the Blog, Discussion Forum, or Status Update. Ensure nobody is attacked for voicing their honest opinions, and always respond to comments. Have a forum for employees to share personal stories, not just work-related updates.

A functioning, efficient intranet is more than a communication and collaboration tool. It can help make employees happier, reduce stress, and increase trust in the workplace — all of which contribute to an engaged workforce.

Are you making the most of your intranet to harness its potential for engaging employees? How else can you use the intranet to  boost employee engagement in your workplace? Share your thoughts below.

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