How Thanksgiving is like a great Intranet

As most of North America relaxes and consumes large quantities of food and football, I started thinking about how thanksgiving and great Intranets are alike.  Stay with me on this.

The Social Gathering

A great Intranet is a place where all the employees of a company can gather and virtually meet. Sometimes its difficult to get everyone in one place, thats why Football was invented.  A great Intranet needs to have some fun interactive elements that will keep employees interested.

Everyone Brings a Dish

To have a great Intranet every person in your company must contribute.  HR forms are like dinner rolls and Yams are like blogs posts.  If everyone contributes, everyone benefits.  I’m starting to get hungry.

The Golden Bird

Who can resist a beautifully cooked turkey?  Think of the turkey as the interface of your Intranet.  Form always follows function but it never hurts have a gorgeous looking Intranet to entice your employees.

Pumpkin Pie for Desert

Its important to encourage employees to use the intranet and reward them for doing so.  One idea is having a monthly raffle that picks one person that is logged into the intranet to win a small prize.  As more employees begin to use the intranet adjust the raffle to encourage more engagement.

As a Canadian I’m a bit jealous of the scale of the US holiday and wish Canada would inherit some of the traditions.  I admit this post was a bit of a stretch but it was really just a way to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

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