New Noodle UI To Be Launched at Windsor-Essex Tech Show

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Windsor, Ontario. – Vialect Inc, a Windsor-based software company, is launching the latest version of Noodle intranet software at the Windsor-Essex Tech Show on October 29, 2013.

Already known for its ease of use and robust functionality, Noodle, a social intranet software, has become easier to implement with this new release.

“Noodle is now even simpler to navigate, and ultimately, companies can begin to see the benefits immediately,” says Tim Dorey, CEO of Vialect. “We’ve also added additional social features and designed the interface to be more intuitive.”

Noodle software addresses common communication, employee engagement, and productivity problems in companies and organizations. These include difficulty finding relevant documents and communicating with co-workers, especially when staff are in different locations or working remotely.

“Typical intranets fail due to complexity and lack of modern functionality. Noodle is feature-rich, but easy to use. The more employees use it, the more knowledgeable and productive they can be,” Dorey adds.

The Essex County Library has been using Noodle software since 2008. Janet Woodbridge, Chief Librarian and CEO of the Essex County Library system, says, “With Noodle intranet, our staff can find the information they need immediately and respond to customer requests quickly.”

The latest version of the software, Noodle version 7, will be launched at the Windsor-Essex Tech Show. Attendees will see and experience the improved user interface hands-on when they visit the Noodle booth.

The Windsor-Essex Tech show takes place on October 29, 2013, 9 am to 5 pm at the Caboto Club. To register online, go to

Noodle is the social intranet software that improves communication, enhances collaboration, and encourages innovation in the enterprise. It brings microblogging, wikis, document sharing, instant messaging and other social business tools in a single portal. It’s available either as a cloud-hosted solution or installed in the client’s own server. Hundreds of the largest, most innovative companies in the world are using Noodle to communicate, collaborate, and get the job done. To learn more about Noodle, go to /noodleIntranet.

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