Noodle Gets an Upgrade

For over a decade, Vialect Inc. has been working hard at growing our Intranet platform, Noodle. We have grown so much over the years and have seen the rise and evolution of the modern Intranet. We, just like our valuable clients, work hard to listen to our customers and improve our product with each upgrade.

The newest version of Noodle was recently released with several new features and improvements. Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring these changes in more detail and providing advice and resources on how to utilize these new features to their fullest potential on your Noodle Intranet site.

In this blog, we are going to give you an overview of some of the changes so you can start using them for yourself right away. Look for more tips in the upcoming weeks.

Let’s get started with a brief overview of some of the new features in the Noodle 4.04 upgrade:

New Mobile UI

How employees access their documents and information is rapidly changing. The Cloud storage idea of being able to access your content from any device anywhere you are has become increasingly attractive. More companies want to provide information to their employees when they are not at their desk. They want them to access their resources no matter where they are.


Noodle has heard this and has received a makeover of it’s Mobile UI. With this upgrade, the mobile view is now cleaner, making it easier to access your content. Fitting a complex intranet site into a mobile device required something simple but versatile. With a much improved navigation design, you’ll be more comfortable when accessing your intranet from your mobile device.

Intranet Tags

Tagging and categorizing your content is one of the most important things you can do to increase engagement and keep your intranet organized and easy to search. The rise of the hashtag has made it’s way into intranet software as a nice way to tag and find content quickly.

Not only is it simple to add tags to your content in Noodle, you will now be able to view your tags at the top of each Headline page to quickly filter content according to the appropriate tag. This allows you to see content of any type, whether it be from a Calendar, a document folder or even a related Blog.

Intranet Emojis

According to,The Atlantic, 76% of Americans reported using emojis at work. This is partially do to younger workers growing in the workforce, but also because companies are adopting more collaborative tools that promote casual work interactions.

Emojis can be a quick and effective way to get a message across, especially when in a rush or trying to meet a tight deadline. It also adds a fun way for employees to communicate with each other, without the need for each interaction to be formal. This upgrade has added emojis within Noodle’s chat application to make your communications more efficient and fun.

HTML Emails

There are many ways to send notification e-mails through Noodle. Set up What’s New Activity subscriptions, share documents with users, or send out company memos. Previously Noodle displayed all this content in plain text e-mails.

Now your e-mail notifications will adopt the same theme as your site and make your notifications more lively and an overall better experience.

Two-Factor Authentication

Currently, Noodle provides an option to blacklist IP addresses when an automated botnet is trying to brute force account passwords. This would lock access to the site from that IP address to prevent these attacks from getting into the system. Now, with this upgrade Noodle offers another layer of protection with Two Factor authentication.

Two-Factor Authentication will ask the user for a password and a time sensitive pin number the first time they login from a new computer web-browser. This can be turned on from a user’s profile and can be set up with most mobile devices to send you a pin code to trust the new computer/browser. If you use public or shared computers, this is a good way to add another layer of security and prevent hacking attempts and prevent unauthorized access.

Be on the watch in the next few weeks as we will be releasing a weekly blog covering each of these new features in more details with tips as well!

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