Naming Your Intranet: Part 2

In Part 1 of Naming Your Intranet we went over five different types of intranet names.

1. Words that signify the goals/vision of your intranet
2. Company name + vision word
3. Famous characters
4. Acronyms with double meaning
5. Words with special meaning

If you haven’t had a chance to read “Naming Your Intranet: Part 1” please click on the link below to check it out.


Naming your intranet is one aspect of a successful intranet that companies often overlook. Choosing the right name for your intranet can have a significant impact on employee’s first impressions and attitudes towards the overall experience. Try to incorporate company culture and/or branding into your intranets name, even include a slogan or tagline if possible.

Ex. Our company intranet here at Vialect is simply called “Our Noodle”, and a common phrase around the office is… “We are always using Our Noodle.”

Over the many years we have seen hundreds and hundreds of different intranet names, ranging from the simple and mundane to the creative and exciting! That being said, the ones with the best names always followed my “Top Tip” for naming your intranet…

Noodles “Top Tip” when naming your intranet:

The name that you end up choosing has to be easy to enunciate and easy to understand.  The last thing you want is an intranet name that employees hate pronouncing.

Try repeating the following sentences while using your potential intranet name to see how well it rolls off the tongue.

1.  I will upload the sales files you needed to [Intranet Name] just before lunch.
2.  The company was impressed by how much [Intranet Name] has improved communication.
3.  As HR manager, I use [Intranet Name] on a daily basis.

After reading the previous three sentences you should have a good idea if your intranet name is too long or wordy. If so, try shortening the name or dropping a syllable and read the sentences again. If it was not to wordy, congratulations you may have just found your new intranet name!

In Naming Your Intranet: Part 1 we mentioned that having an intranet naming contest is a great idea while leading up to your intranet launch, and its worth repeating! Having a contest that gets employees involved will not only help you discover the perfect name, it will also create a buzz of excitement as you approach your launch.

Want some help choosing a name for your Noodle Intranet? Let us know and we will assist you in finding that perfect match.

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