Empowering the Intranet User

Many companies are looking to empower their Intranet Users or Employees more and more by involving them in decision-making and other processes normally reserved for management.  This has made fast, reliable communication even more useful in today’s workplace.  Empowering the Intranet User should be a priority for you as well.

Noodle has some great ways to get opinions and feedback from users and organize results to provide real value.

Intranet Employee ProfileSimple polls can be created on the dashboard, departmental or project Widget pages to get fast feedback or opinions.  These are easy to create and can be strategically placed to catch the eye of the user.

For more advanced options, the Database system can be used to create a detailed questionnaire with multiple option types, even incorporating links and images, to ensure relevant information can be given to and received from each user.

To ensure every user required to provide feedback is notified, the Memo Manager can be used to send a scheduled email out to all or a selection of users to inform them that their participation is required.

Reach out to your employees using Noodle!

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