Best of Noodle Intranet Blog in 2012

What did our readers like best this past year? Check out our most popular posts for 2012:

1. How to Get Your Staff to Use the Social Intranet

User adoption remains a challenge to intranet managers, and so this “classic” remains popular.

2. 25 Ways to Use Wikis in Your Intranet

Wikis are popular among social intranet users. This post shows how you can get more use out of them.

3. Intranet Content We Want to See from HR

The Human Resources Department can benefit greatly from a functional social intranet. In this post, we list intranet content HR could and should be publishing — beyond company policies and vacation forms.

4. The Shocking Cost of Internal Email Spam

Deep down, we all know we must escape the tyranny of email. This post summarizes all the different ways internal email spam is costing our companies big time, and how the intranet can help cut down on them.

5. We Need Sharepoint! Or Do You?

Many of our client find us while looking for an alternative to Sharepoint. This post lists various reasons why Sharepoint may not be the best solution for your company.

6. Internal Blogging Is Good for Your Career: Here’s Why

Noodle intranet offers it, but few take advantage of it. The blogging application, that is. If you’ve been on the fence about blogging internally, we hope this post will push you to become an internal blogger.

7. Your Intranet: 9 Ways to Spice Things Up

What’s worse than an intranet that doesn’t work? An intranet that does work but is boring! Check out our tips for keeping things interesting and compelling in your intranet.

8. 5 Ways to Make Your Intranet More Attractive and Useful

Here we share our best ideas to an enchanting intranet homepage.

9. Widgetize Your Intranet Pages

Looks like I’m not the only one who likes widgets!

10. 13 Qualities of a Great Intranet Manager

Being an intranet manager is hard. A great one? Even harder, as this post shows.

We look forward to publishing even better posts for you in the coming year.



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