3 Ways to Use Video in Your Intranet Launch

We’ve been talking a lot about launching your intranet lately. This post continues on that thread with some ideas for using video during your intranet launch.

First, a shout out to Ellen van Aken for collecting intranet launch videos. Her Sccop.it! page was a big help when researching this post. Thank you very much, Ellen!

Now onto how you can use videos during your intranet launch:

1. Teaser

Build up momentum and excitement for your intranet launch activity with a video that hints at what the intranet is about. Or you could make it completely mysterious, with a teaser video that simply says, “Something’s coming!”

Or you can keep the suspense while telling employees exactly what to expect and when throughout the intranet rollout. Here’s an example:

2. Sales pitch for the intranet

The majority of intranet launch videos are sales pitches for the new intranet. They focus on the main features and benefits of the intranet to the organization. Some are straightforward, while others go all out with a major video production. Either way can work.

3. Tour/demo/tutorial

Finally, you can use video to give staff an inside look at the intranet. This could be considered a quick tour or brief tutorial of what the intranet looks like, what its main parts are, and how to navigate their way around it.

You can use each of these types of videos during the different phases of your intranet launch: Use the teaser before your launch, the sales pitch during the launch event, and the tour/demo right after the launch to ease employees into actually using the intranet.

Take note of the various elements you can use in your intranet videos:

  • screen capture

Screen capture videos are the perfect way to show users what the intranet will look like and how it will work

  • interviews

Interviews are an easy way to create video. The more staff members you involve, the more interest you will generate. Aside from interviewing your CEO or intranet project manager, why not interview employees, too? Ask them what they hope to get from the intranet, for example. But remember to choose only the most interesting parts of the interview for your final video, or it will get boring.

  • animation

If you have the budget for it, use animation to make your intranet launch video more fun and engaging.

  • live dramatization

Again, if the budget allows, you can go all out and hire actors for a dramatic video presentation. With the right script, a live action video makes for an attention-grabbing and memorable video.

  • music

Don’t forget the power of music to pique interest, create anticipation, and induce excitement among your intranet users.

Here’s my favorite intranet launch video from among Ellen’s collection. Not only does it use many of the elements I mentioned above to produce a remarkable intranet launch video, it also has many employees participating:

What does your intranet launch video look like? Post a link to it in the comments below.

Or if you don’t have a video yet, what ideas did this post give you? Do share!

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