Mindmapping in Noodle Intranet: Apps We Recommend

Mindmap in Intranet

Can you create and share mindmaps in Noodle intranet?

As I’m writing this, Noodle intranet does not have a mindmapping application. Of course, you could always upload your finished mindmap as a graphic file in Noodle intranet, using either the Folder, Media Album or Page applications.

However, I’ve written this post for the sake of those who want to mindmap collaboratively or create and share “live” organizational charts within Noodle. Even though Noodle does not have a mindmapping app, this is still possible!

Online mindmapping programs let you access and use them anywhere you have Internet connection and a computer. Therefore, with Noodle intranet’s External Link application, you can launch an online mindmapping program from within Noodle. Yes, create mindmaps and collaborate on them without ever having to leave your intranet.

Below are a handful of online mindmapping programs you can use. I’ve chosen them based on the following criteria:

1. It’s online rather than a stand-alone program you install in your computer or network.

The mindmapping software needs to be cloud-based for it to work within Noodle intranet through an external link.

2. It allows collaboration, or lets you include other users to not only view but also make changes on your mindmap.

The programs do this by generating a link you can share with your collaborators. In our case, we use the link to set up the External Link application in Noodle.

Note that, in most cases, your collaborators need to set up their own accounts in order to access your mindmap.

3. It’s embeddable in Noodle.

Some websites, such as Google and Facebook, don’t allow themselves to be displayed within an iFrame in Noodle intranet. Even if you used the External Link app, these sites would launch in a new tab or window on your web browser, which defeats the purpose of integrating them with your intranet. If a mindmapping software doesn’t play friendly with Noodle intranet, then it didn’t make this list.

Mindmapping Software You Can Use In Noodle Intranet

Taking all that into consideration, here are three online mindmapping programs that you can use in Noodle intranet:


Creately boasts it’s “a joy to use.” I’ve got to admit, of the programs I evaluated, this was the easiest to embed in Noodle using the External Link app. And the only one that doesn’t require a user to log in to edit a mind map.

Pricing starts at $5 per month or $49 a year for a single user and a maximum of 5 collaborators per diagram. Team plans start at $25 per month for 5 users with unlimited collaborators.


Collaboration is the heart of Comapping. It supports real-time collaboration for up to 20 active collaborators at one time. It also has a chat feature and task management ability.

You can also get a desktop version, which is tied with your online Comapping account. This allows you to create, edit and manage mindmaps even if you have no Internet connection, while keeping your mindmaps synchronized on the cloud.

The subscription cost for Comapping begins at $5 per month.


The emphasis of Mindomo seems to be mobility. It’s available on the iPad, Android, Windsows, Mac, Linux, and even Google Apps. Like Comapping, Mindomo also provides a desktop version for different operating systems. Your offline maps will synchronize with your online maps.

For a single user account with up to 5 guests (or editors), the fee is $15 per month.


Because of the ease of using it with Noodle intranet, my bottom line recommendation is Creately. It’s the only software I evaluated that allows collaborators to edit the mindmap without logging in. If your team relies on mindmaps, organizational charts, and diagrams to get your jobs done, and to collaborate then the investment in an online mindmapping software is worthwhile.

Keep in mind, I didn’t have enough time to try more than a dozen online mindmapping software. Others can also be used in Noodle with the External Link app, but would require more work.

If you know of a collaborative mindmapping program that should be on my list, let me know by posting a comment below.

Also, if you want to know how to use the External Link app to embed Creately or another program on your Noodle intranet, watch the video here.

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