Get Your Management Team More Active on the Intranet

Active Executives in Intranet

Everyone talking about intranet adoption knows it’s extremely important for a company’s management team to be active in their intranet.

But for some intranet managers, getting members of the C-suite to participate more in the intranet is a big challenge. Most executives are simply too busy to be posting and commenting. Others don’t see the importance of being present in the intranet. Still others are probably fearful of being too exposed in a participatory platform.

No matter what obstacles you have for getting managers to be more active in your intranet, there are steps you can take. Take small steps with the more obstinate managers. It will take time to win them over. Do bigger things with managers who are already supportive of the intranet. They can set an example for the others.

So what can you do to get your management team more active on your intranet? Here are a few ideas.

No-Choice Option

The most basic step is to integrate management approvals in intranet e-forms and workflows. If the only way to approve requests and “sign” invoices, etc. is through the intranet, then managers have no choice but to use the intranet. This is the first step and a crucial one to having them do more on the intranet. If the intranet is easy to use in general and offers interesting, compelling content, they’ll be encouraged to explore and use it more.

Hybrid Option

Another thing you could do is to help managers transform existing material into intranet content. This option requires you to provide some hand-holding to executives. You’ll need to have your eyes and ears open for things management is already doing that would make great content for the intranet. Examples include speeches and presentations made both inside and outside the office, and photos and notes from field visits. Once you get this content on the intranet, promote it so the “author” will get encouraging views and responses.

Reactionary Option

It’s also a good idea to bring management attention to intranet content that needs their response. Every couple of days or so, send them links to posts, updates and comments that requires their attention. It shouldn’t be all negative stuff. Show them when staff deserve kudos or encouragement, or simply their wise input.

All-Out Option

The option that requires the most commitment is a CEO blog. If your CEO is willing to do this, give as much support as you can. Practical blog writing tips, encouragement, and content promotion will go a long way towards sustaining this effort.

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