Intranet Deployment: On-Premise Install vs Cloud Hosted (SaaS)

When installing an intranet platform for your company, you have two choices: install it locally in your own server, or have it hosted in the cloud.

We’ll look at the pros and cons of each one in this post.

On-Premise Intranet Installation


  • More control of your intranet, including security, back-ups etc
  • One-time payment for the software


  • Requires dedicated IT staff
  • May require the purchase of a dedicated server and/or additional memory
  • Upgrades and after-sales support usually entail additional costs

Cloud Hosted Intranet (or SaaS)


  • Small monthly fees for continued access to intranet software
  • Worry-free security and data backups
  • No need to purchase new equipment such as a dedicated server or additional memory
  • Nobody in your organization needs to maintain the intranet on the tech side
  • Upgrades, trouble-shooting and tech support are included in monthly fees


  • Total dependence on the vendor for security and backups
  • Need to make continuous payments for as long as you use the intranet
  • Limited ability to customize the intranet software

As you can see, either of these options is the best one — depending on the resources you have and are willing to devote to your intranet. Which type of intranet deployment do you think would work best in your company?