12 Ways To Use the Intranet to Build Trust in the Workplace

Build Trust in the Workplace with Your Intranet

We know the importance of trust in the workplace. Without trust, employee engagement and productivity suffer.

We’ve also seen how the intranet can be used as a barometer for the level of trust in an organization.

When that level is low, can the intranet help improve the situation?


In fact, we’ve identified at least 12 different ways your intranet can help build and strengthen trust in your workplace.

12 Ways and Intranet Can Build Trust

1. Information sharing

Management and supervisors can use the intranet to share information with staff, especially during changes. As part of project management the intranet can be used to make expectations tasks and expectations clear.

2. Success stories

Celebrate staff successes publicly by publishing them on the intranet. This way, employees know their co-workers are capable and can be relied on to achieve goals.

3. Trust-building standards

Make it clear that flaming and other disrespectful behaviors are not acceptable, nor allowed, on the intranet.

4. Freedom of expression

Provide a safe platform, such as a blog of discussion forum, for everyone to express their feelings and opinions in a professional and respectful manner. Staff who voice dissenting opinions shouldn’t be chastised.

5. True brainstorming

Keep brainstorming areas of the intranet safe. Remember when brainstorming that ideas shouldn’t be criticized or shot down.

6. One vision

Use the intranet to “market” your company’s vision and values. Use a tagline or motto, images, even colors to serve as a constant reminder of what your business stands for.

7. Common goals

Remind staff/team members on the intranet about your common goals. Celebrate milestones as you get closer to your goal. This fosters a sense of group accomplishment, that “we’re in this together.”

8. Feedback getting

Check in on staff opinions frequently through intranet surveys and polls. Employees trust employers who listen to them.

9. Teach to build trust

Set up a training wiki page to help managers and employees develop and improve their communication and other trust-building skills.

10. A welcome mat

Create a portal just for new employees, to help them feel welcome. Help other staff get to know them, provide new people the information they need to get settled in and acclimatized to your organization.

11. Get personal

Encourage staff to fill out their user profiles, so they can inform others of their expertise and background, and get to know each other on a more personal level. Knowing each other’s capabilities helps build trust.

12. Increase ambient awareness

Use intranet status updates, news blogs, and employee spotlight to increase ambient awareness. This helps foster a greater sense of belonging, which in turn, enhances trust.

Do you make the most of your intranet to strengthen trust in your workplace?

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