Intranet Team: 15 of the Best Blogs for Your RSS Reader

Best Intranet Blogs

Intranet team members:  Here’s a list of intranet-related blogs that deserve a place in your RSS reader.

These are the blogs I read feverishly to get caught up when I started working in Vialect. And they’re the ones I read often to keep abreast of the latest news and views on things intranet-related. If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll see we often link to these blogs.

My Top 14 Intranet-Related Blogs

1. Andrew McAfee’s Blog

Intranet team members can learn a lot from the man who invented the term “enterprise 2.0” or the business use of web 2.0 tools. In his blog, McAfee talks about how technology affects business. Technorati has ranked this blog as one of the 10,000 most popular in the world.

2. CMSWire

This web magazine that covers topics like social business and enterprise information management, among others, often publishes posts from industry thought leaders.

3. Column Two

This blog is written by Step Two Designs, a team of intranet consultants with over 10 years experience. Managing Director James Robertson and other blog contributors offer plenty of practical advice for intranet teams, including updates from intranet-related events and conferences.

4. The BrainYard

A blog for business leaders who are or want to use social enterprise tools and technologies, The Brainyard talks about intranets as well as the use of social media outside the organization.

5. The Digital Workplace

As CEO and Founder of the Digital Workplace Forum and the Intranet Benchmarking Forum, and author of “The Digital Workplace: How Technology Is Liberating Work,” Paul Miller is one of the thought leaders in the industry. It’s worthwhile to read his short but thought-provoking posts.

6. Intranetizen

Authored by a team of intranet consultants Jonathan Phillips, Luke Mepham, Sharon O’Dea and Dana Leeson. They have 35 years of intranet experience with some large companies, but the tone of this blog is definitely youthful and dynamic. (Check out Intranetizen’s profile of Noodle (Vialect) here.)

7. J. Boye

A blog of digital professionals, J. Boye (named after its founder, Danish internet entrepreneur Janus Boye) covers intranets, CMS, social media, and more.

8. Mark Morrell Intranet Pioneer

Having worked on intranets since 1996, Morrell claims to be an “intranet pioneer.” He tends to write a lot about Sharepoint, but occasionally he publishes advice that can be implemented in intranets built on any platform

9. NetStrategyJMC

Jane McConnell, who specializes in intranets and digital workplace strategies and governance, authors this blog. She has many thought-provoking posts, especially if you like to know the concepts and frameworks behind your intranet work.

10. Portals and KM

It can be confusing if you first get to Bill Ives’ blog and see his posts on paintings and photographs. Dig some more and you’ll uncover many gems covering knowledge management, enterprise 2.0 and other intranet-related topics. I particularly like how he references other experts in the field, helping me discover more sources of intranet wisdom.

11. Ragan

Ragan is a blog for communicators, so it covers a wide range of topics, such as PR and social media marketing, aside from intranets. The posts are always an easy read and filled with useful information.

12. Social Enterprise Today

Founded by writer and corporate communications expert Jerry Bowles, Social Enterprise Today syndicates blogs that cover social business, social learning, collaboration and related subjects.

13. The Real EphraimJF

Intranet “nerd” Ephraim Julius Freed dishes out personal and professional insight in this blog. I like his emphasis on people’s needs and human dignity behind the use and promotion of technology.

What’s In Your RSS Reader?

Those are the 15 intranet-related blogs I’ve subscribed to in my RSS reader.

How about you? What are your favorite blogs covering intranets, enterprise 2.0, digital workplace, and social business? What outstanding blogs am I missing?

Let me know in the comments below.

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