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New Website Up

We recently updated our website with a more modern clean interface and made it easier for our customers and potential customers to find the information they are looking for. The site now has a simple yet elegant look. All the information is easy to find and showcases our product and success stories. Our Blog is … Read more

Tom Brokaw Explains Canada To Americans

Tom Brokaw is a class act

As a Canadian we understand the relationship but it nice to see it summed up in this wonderful video by Tom Brokaw.

“Geography has Made us Neighbors
History has made us friends.
Economics has Made us Partners
and Necessity has made us allies”

President Kennedy

Enterprise 2.0: A Brave New World

As time and technology changes, so does the way that we do business. It was not too long ago that the computer age began and ushered in a new era of efficiency. Today, business owners are looking for new business methods and applications to take the work experience to the next level. Enter the world … Read more

Noodle V6.8 now Available

The latest version of Noodle is now available from the Vialect website.  Existing Software as a Service clients will be upgraded automatically.  Server customers my download the upgrade from the customer support site. What’s New in V6.8? New Feed View Interface for Folders Shows by Date or A-Z Upload Multiple Files (supports Mac & PC) … Read more

Noodle Poetry

You know your doing something right when your customers are writing poetry about your software.  This was sent to us from one of our customers. Stick to the Noodle By Margaret McMaster When you are fraught with worries and woes, From the top of your head to your wee little toes, And a cup of … Read more

Fall Clean Up for your Intranet

Five tips for de-cluttering your Intranet It’s fall and that means cleaning up the garage and preparing for the colder months ahead.  Just like a garage, an Intranet is a storage facility and if not kept organized it can become cluttered and inefficient to use. Here are 5 simple tips to help keep your Intranet … Read more

Empowering the Intranet User

Many companies are looking to empower their Intranet Users or Employees more and more by involving them in decision-making and other processes normally reserved for management.  This has made fast, reliable communication even more useful in today’s workplace.  Empowering the Intranet User should be a priority for you as well. Noodle has some great ways … Read more