How To Get Intranet Users to Fill Out Their Profile Page

Intranet Employee Profile

In an earlier post, we talked about the advantages of filling out your intranet profile page. Especially in big organizations where staff members don’t meet each other in person, intranet profile pages help employees get familiar with each other and discover people with specific skills. This aids productivity and collaboration.

In fact, more and more of our prospects are looking for user profile pages in their intranets.

Unfortunately, some intranet users may not see the value in keeping their profile pages updated.

What can you do to encourage your intranet users to have a fully filled out profile page?

Here are some ideas:

Make it a requirement for new employees

You probably have a process for getting new staff members on board, including setting up user accounts and passwords. Make the intranet profile page part of that process. Better yet, make it a gate for other requirements, such as getting their permanent employee ID. (That’s just an example, I’m sure you can think of something that better suits your organization.)

Hold a contest

Contest are motivating. Even more so if you make it a contest between departments. Make it a race to see which department will have complete profiles first. Staff will not want to make their department lose. And employees will tend to push their team members.

Just for fun, and to keep intranet users engaged, you can have thematic or seasonal contests, such as best Christmas profile picture, or cutest profile picture with a pet.

Set a good example

Do whatever you have to do to make sure the top executives in your organization have complete intranet user profiles. If their profiles are incomplete, it sends a message that intranet profiles are not that important. In contrast, if the CEO and the rest of the C-suite and department heads all have updated profile photos and complete profiles, then their staff would be motivated to follow suit.

Do your intranet users use their profile pages to their full potential? How do you get them to fill out their profile pages? What have you tried that worked well, and what hasn’t worked? Do tell!

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