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Social Intranet Feature: Question Manager in Noodle

The Question Manager application lets you create a central place for collecting employee’s questions, and answers submitted by other employees.

If you’re familiar with Yahoo! Answers, the Question Manager in Noodle intranet works similarly.

As with other parts of your Noodle intranet, the Question Manager is fully searchable, so users can benefit from all the knowledge generated.

Noodle Software Social Intranets

How To Create A Photo Album In Noodle Intranet

The Photo Album application of Noodle intranet is an easy way to store, organize, and share graphic files within your intranet.

Watch the video to see how to create a Photo Album in Noodle and get tips on making your images easy to find and retrieve.

Noodle Software Social Intranets

Internal Blogging Using Noodle Intranet Software [Video]

Create internal blogs in your intranet through Noodle’s intranet software.  Noodle’s content editor makes blogging as easy as creating a document in Microsoft Word, so there’s no need to learn new software. It’s also easy to embed rich media, such as photos, videos and slideshows, into a blog post.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to set up an internal blog with Noodle.

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Video Tutorial: User Profile Page in Noodle Intranet

Noodle social intranet software provides each user a profile page. This is the users’ very own page on the intranet to publish content about themselves: contact information, photos, a brief biography, and even a resume — pretty much anything they want and are allowed to share about themselves on the company intranet.

Watch the video to see how to add content to your profile page:

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Video Tutorial: Conference Room Application in Noodle Intranet

The Conference Room in your Noodle intranet is the perfect place to hold secure, live but virtual meetings with other users in your organization. Use it when you want to arrive at a decision, or get information quickly and in real time.

Watch this video to see how to set up a conference room meeting in Noodle intranet.

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How To Set Up A Discussion Forum In Your Noodle Intranet

Watch this video to see how to create a discussion forum in your Noodle intranet, make hyperlinks, and embed multimedia elements.

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How to Access External Websites from Your Noodle Intranet

Noodle Intranet software lets you quickly access external websites from within the Noodle Intranet. Watch this video to find out how:


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How to get your Staff to use the Intranet?

A common question we hear is “How can I get more of my employees to use the Intranet?” Here are a few tips to help with this issue.

Use Social Tools to encourage Employee Involvement

When managers hear the words Social Intranet they start to smirk. Visions of employees chatting away about Saturday night and posting pictures of their cat come to mind.  Of course this isn’t what Social Intranet means.

The term Social Intranet, in our opinion, is really just an Intranet that is taking advantage of popular social consumer applications and readapting them for a corporate environment.  This creates a familiar function that the staff can understand, since most use them in their own person life. Social Intranets encourage interaction and engagement by creating an environment where people feel they are a member of the site, not just a user.

Make an Exceptional User Navigation

In most cases the user interface is the last thing companies think about when deploying an Intranet. However, it should really be the first thing to consider. If you want your staff to spend part of their work day within the Intranet, the user interface has to be intuitive, and easy to use.  Also keep in mind that attractive design and intuitive navigation are two very different things.

Create New Content Daily

Many Intranets contain information that is outdated by the time it’s posted. Think of your Intranet as a daily newspaper for your company.  Make sure that the news is up to date.  Your staff will disregard the Intranet if you don’t keep the information current.

Find out What they Want to Know

Not only does the content have to be timely, it also has to be relevant. Cover the topics that people are interested in.  How can you figure out what people are interested in? Ask them! Many intranets have survey and polling capabilities built in. Use these features to find out what people want to know or what users feel the Intranet is lacking.

Power to the People

The company’s web master can’t possibly create and post all the data that should be on the Intranet. In many cases, this is the main reason why Intranets fail.  By the time the webmaster posts content to the Intranet, the information is out dated.  To resolve this issue the content creation must be decentralized so that people throughout the organization with information that would make interesting and valuable reading, can post it themselves. Of course, each department will need to set permissions and establish procedures for posting content.

Build a Social Network

A major worry for companies is that too much fun means not enough work.  However, the most successful Intranet deployments are the ones with the most employee interaction.  People need to feel connected with their colleagues.

Companies should create a place for each department’s social network. Here employees could post birthdays, recognize service awards, introduce new hires, and even have monthly photo contests. This will create an Intranet that is alive rather than static.

Be Transparent

If you want employees to use the Intranet, truthful information is important.  No one will come back to a site that is a whitewash, except maybe to ridicule it. Be direct and forthright in your communication, and people will respect and appreciate it. That may mean posting the bad news as well as the good.

Post Important Information only to the Intranet

Frequently, a company will create an informative white paper or report and post it to the Intranet. The problem is that it may have also been sent via email to the entire company, removing any motivation to visit the Intranet. You can change this dynamic by developing a new habit.  Post the document only to the intranet site and then notify people that it’s there. This will encourage employees to visit the Intranet site more regularly and alleviate the burden of excess email attachments.

Notify Users about New Content

Set up an automatic email notification system to let your staff know when new content is published.  Even better, allow the staff to choose what they care to be notified about, and when they wish to be notified.

Create an effective system for showing “What’s New”

It’s important to have an effective “What’s New” page that lists all the new information that has been posted to the site in the last 24 hours. It will become a great time saver for your staff and provides a better user experience.

Monthly information searching contests

Our company and many of our clients hold a “Monthly Information Search Contest”.   A piece of information is hidden somewhere inside the Intranet.  It could be a graphic, a chart, a word file or anything else that can be stored on the Intranet.

The first person to locate the information is awarded a prize. What usually happens as a result is that while searching for the target, staff members get caught up in reading other information, become more familiar with how to use the Intranet, and discover useful information that they will go back to later.  This is just one example of how companies can encourage employees to interact with their Intranet.

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Database Tutorial / Creating Reports & Custom List view

How to customize the list view within the Noodle Database application and how to create reports.

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What is your Corporate Wisdom?

Noodle has many applications but that doesn’t guarantee intranet success.  Noodle contains a powerful feature that will help ensure your intranet is a success.

The Corporate Wisdom feature encourages people to contribute and review content within Noodle.

What’s your Corporate Wisdom?
Many collaboration and intranet projects fail due to inactivity. This inactivity is the result of outdated information, hard to use tools and employees not being encouraged to review and contribute to the overall success of the site. Noodle solves this problem by monitoring the Corporate Wisdom of each employee.

The Corporate Wisdom is calculated by the total amount of items an employee reviews and the total amount of items the employee creates. These numbers are then added together and compared to the total site content and this produces the user’s Corporate Wisdom percentage. Corporate Wisdom also fluctuates as new content will lower a users percentage.

With the Corporate Wisdom feature you will be able to monitor success of the site and employees will use it to monitor their own success within the site. Vialect has found people are naturally competitive by nature and want to have the highest Corporate Wisdom percentage in the company. This will benefit your company as the employees will be educating themselves about your business.

Intranet Corporate Wisdom